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7 Jerk Chicken Wings

Snack box of 7 pieces of Jerk Chicken Wings ALLERGENS:Gluten Free/Celery/Mustard

Spicy Jerk Belly Pork in Sauce

Succulent chunks of jerk pork served in jerk sauce ALLERGENS:Gluten Free/Celery/Traces of egg/Traces of milk/Mustard/Soya

Spicy Jerk Chicken – (BONELESS)

Bone in leg and thigh portion of jerk chicken off the grill ALLERGENS:Gluten Free/Celery/Traces of egg/Traces of milk/Mustard/Soya

Grilled Blackened Cajun Chicken (Boneless/Mild)

Boneless, mild grilled blackened Cajun chicken thighs

Curried Goat – Boneless


Curried Lamb Mutton – Boneless


Chargrilled Coconut and Ginger Curried Chicken (Mild)

Diced Chicken Breast in our signature blend curry sauce. ALLERGENS:Gluten Free/Celery/Mustard

Sweet Potato, Kale and Chickpea Curry

Sweet potato, kale and chickpea curry Mild ALLERGENS:Celery/Mustard

Three Bean and Chickpea Chilli

Spicy Three Bean and Chickpea Chilli – high moderate spice level


Half Fried Plantain

Half portion of fried plantain

Homemade Coleslaw

No Onions ALLERGENS:Gluten Free/Traces of egg/Traces of milk/Mustard

Mixed Veg – Sweetcorn and Peas mix

Sweet Corn and Peas Mix ALLERGENS:None

Steamed Calaloo

Callaloo steamed in coconut milk with onions and bell peppers

Plain White Basmati Rice

Plain White Rice – Basmati (no coconut milk)

Rice and Peas

Rice and Peas – contains coconut milk ALLERGENS: Soya

Fried Dumpling

Sweet/Savoury Fried Dumpling made with wheat flour ALLERGENS: Wheat


Homemade Jerk Sauce



Rio – Can

330ml can

Rio – Bottle

500ml bottle


330ml can


500ml glass bottle of Coke

Diet Coke

330ml can

Ginger Beer

330ml can
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